When there are new hires at a company, there are times when the bosses would implement workplace mentoring.

It is a process that the veterans would teach the rookies how to do it right at the office. It is a system that has proven to be effective in the past. Also, it proves to improve the relationship of people who you did not think were going to be close to each other. In addition, people who were with the porn discounts company for a long time would feel great about sharing their experiences and what they have learned. They will even share things you won’t expect them to share. That would certainly help them grow to be a better person.


All processes have their shortcomings though. It has been proven that workplace mentoring has not been as effective as others thought it would be.

In addition, the relationship between the mentor and the person he or she is mentoring can spiral downwards. When two people are meeting each other for the first time, you can never predict where that goes. There is a possibility one will flirt with the other and if the feeling is mutual then the relationship could turn sour. That won’t be good for either one especially in the office because there is bound to be some sort of tension between the two when the mentoring is over. It depends on the boss on how long the mentoring is going to last. If it is effective for some pairings then it will last for several more weeks.


The pairings are usually determined randomly and there are times when the boss will make the pairs switch.

That would make the rookies know more people who have been with the company for a long time. Of course, it is not all the time that switching pairs happen. There are times when the pairings would stay until the training period is over. The training period is not the only time when workplace mentoring happens. There are times when a huge team enters the Top 10 Porn Discounts company at the same time and there are fast and slow learners among them. What the supervisor will do is to make the fast learners mentor the slow learners so it will only be a matter of time before they are all at the same level.

Mentor Mojo

Since this is a professional relationship, both parties involved in workplace mentoring are not expected to share anything about their personal lives. The topics that should be discussed should only be about work. If anyone shares about his or her personal life then that is completely up to that person. Unfortunately, since you just know the person recently then there was no point in doing that. It may lead to dire Pornography Discounts consequences which is why it is tough to trust someone at work. You must make it lead to professional things and not other stuff that would make your reputation worse. When you are new in a company, better make a good first impression.